Mother’s Day Brunch

Three days until Mother’s Day and every decent restaurant in the tri-state area is fully booked. What are you going to do?You don’t want mom to think you forgot (even if you did) or that yo don’t appreciate her (because that is the farthest thing from the truth.) It is time to pull out all the stops and make this day, a very special one!

I prefer to make mom a homemade meal with her favorites, give her the presents that I put thought and care into and just spend some quality time with her watching movies or doing something she would love. We spend Mother’s Day at home treating mom like a goddess and then pick another day (where you can actually go outside without being stampeded over by everyone else in the country) to celebrate the day.

What are you going to cook for mom?? No worries, I have compiled together a list of items that will make mom thankful to have such an amazing and thoughtful child. Check out my board of recipes dedicated to mom on Pinterest.

Now that you have the menu planned, what about the present? Keep Calm & Call MomDon’t worry, I have a few idea that your mom will love, check out my post on Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

No matter what happens, just spend the day with your mother (if it is feasible), if not shower mom with your love. Instead of just making the one customary call to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, call her a few times to tell her how truly loved she is and how much you appreciate her. Something I love to do is celebrate Mother’s Day and then two weeks later, do something out of the blue and tell mom that I appreciate her every single day. This always makes her smile.

I hope you have an amazing time together!!


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