Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The countdown is on! What do you get the woman that gave you life. Let’s face it, it is really hard to get a gift that says, “Thank you for allowing me to live rent free in you for 10 months(oh yeah, the human gestation period is 38-42 weeks) and then take care of me every step of the way. So, here are some awesome ideas that begin to say thanks.Mothers Day

First and foremost, mom is a woman. We women do love our shinies. Personalize it with something gorgeous she can wear all the time. I have expensive taste and so, I would recommend going in on the present with the siblings and buying something so nice that mom would be wowed.

Yeah, everyone loves flowers but I feel like they are the easy way out. Pick some flowers and personalize the gift yourself. Mom will love something truly from the heart.

My mother always tells me that if she drank, she would be an alcoholic because of me. I take that as a personal endorsement of my personality. So, why not help mom out, help her relax after having to worry and deal with us.

Here are the top rated companies:
Wine of the Month Club
Zagat Wine
WSJ Wine Club

This is the newest rend, where things are delivered straight to your house such as:
Snacks Graze
Fashion Stitch Fix
Makeup BirchBox
For the pooch of the house BarkBox

What is the one adventure your mom has always wanted to go on? Scuba diving, sky diving or something crazy? Treat your mom to an adrenaline rush!

My mother always complains that I never spend enough time with her as I am sure you does too. Buy her a ticket to visit you. Since you don’t know the exact dates, give her an IOU, set the date immediately and send her the ticket (well, e-ticket.)

Haha, yeah- someone is going to try to slap me for that one. What I mean was that my mother is always misplacing her keys, so the perfect gift for her is the key chain finder. This is possibly the best $40 you will ever spend.

I am addicted to my Soda Stream, I think mom would love it as well. She can add fresh limes, oranges and other flavors and still have the fizzle without the calories.

I like to go to a store and put together a basket of things my mom would loves. Add a lipstick, perfume, a cute top, gym shoes, sandals, a watch, costume jewelry, a cute hat, scarf, sunglasses, water bottles (BPA_free of course) and her favorite healthy treats. Pick a theme, something that your mom will totally love such as health, fitness, beauty, nature, excitement, technology or whatever she loves. Then build the basket around that.

It is personalized for your mom and she will love the amount of thought and love put into selecting each item.

Some mothers don’t want gifts because their hearts are so big that it is already filled with love and everything they could ever want. Why not do some good in your mother’s name?

Oxfam America will help mothers around the world as you celebrate yours. You can donate a mosquito net, give a pair of kids goats or train a midwife properly in a third world country.  So many options to make a world a bit better, just the way your mother has made yours!

Regardless of what you choose to buy your mom, just remember to show her how much you truly love her. Our time together is limited so make every second count!



3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. My mother is no longer with me; but as a mother of three grown and left the nest kids (2 live out of state), the best gift for me is spending time with me. When they were little the best gift for me was TIME AWAY FROM THEM (being honest), but now I cherish every moment with them, talking on the phone with them. So I like the idea of SPEND TIME WITH YOUR MOM. You just never know when that moment comes that Mom won’t be around anymore.


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