Easter Basket Ideas

Are you ready for Easter?? If not, I have some easy ideas that will help you throw together your kids baskets in a matter of minutes. Here are some ideas to please just about anyone. Easter Basket Ideas

Here are a few basket ideas for your kids:
movie passes
amusement park passes
chocolate (of course)
iTunes gift cards
restaurant or fast food gift cards (I prefer the healthier places to keep them on track)
ear buds
phone covers
Amazon gift card
eReader credit
hair barrettes for girls
sun screen, bathing suits, sunglasses and beach towels
makeup for the girls
cologne or perfume
Extra cellphone battery
Extra cellphone battery charger
summer watches (can be found at the dollar store)
card games
bath soap
card games
game credits
video games
reusable water bottles
magazine subscriptions
coloring books

Now that you have the gifts ready, is the table set? If not, ready my post titled, “Easter Table Centerpieces.”

Do you know what you are serving for dinner? If not, here is my Honey Glazed Easter Ham Recipe.

Need other ideas like what to serve for dessert and sides? Look no further, all of my recipes and Easter ideas can be found on my Pinterest page.


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