Easter Table Centerpieces

I love creating an amazing atmosphere for holiday dining tables. I love to go all out but never spend more than $10. Use everything you have in your house. My philosophy is that I rather spend more money on the meal and serving dishes that wow than have a pretty table. Who eats napkins or who will remember that, the ham and desserts are what people will be talking about for a very long time!!Easter Centerpiece Ideas In case you missed my last post, here is my recipe for Honey Baked Easter Ham.

Here are some fun ideas that will brighten up your table while leaving your pocketbook quite full!
1.) Fill beautiful vases with colorful foil covered candy. After dinner has been served, they can attack the candy and take it home.

2.) Fill with the empty plastic eggs and green basket filler

3.) I love to dip fresh fruit in chocolate and place them on a stick. Then glue the green basket grass to a Styrofoam block and place the lollipoped fruit on the Styrofoam block.

4.) Take a colorful, old bedsheets and scrunch it together and place as a table-runner with crevices. In those crevices add Easter eggs, candy, candles and anything else you have around the house.

5.) Fill a beautiful basket with flowers, this is super easy but perfect for the occasion.

6.) Fill a vase with carrots that still have their greens or leaves. This is a very natural look but it is a gorgeous splash of color.

7.) Paint long branches with white paint (or leave them the way there) and hang Easter eggs like ornaments, this adds a bit of height to your table.

No matter what your table looks like, the most important part is that you are surrounded by people you love and who love you in return. Enjoy this amazing holiday, Happy Easter!!


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