Cooking 101: The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Cooking 101: CoffeeI am a coffee addict. This just happened recently and I wanted to share how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. I know that it sounds simple: add the coffee grounds, boiling water and tada, you have coffee.

No, there is actually way more to it than that!

1.) I can’t emphasize enough the importance of buying well sourced beans and whenever possible, organic coffee, it really makes a huge difference in the taste.

2.) Buy fresh beans and grind them yourself. I know that sounds like a lot of work but it is so worth it, the flavor just bursts open!

3.) Never buy from the bulk bin, light and air changes the flavor of the coffee. You might as well just drink mud.

4.) Storage is so important, keep them in an air-tight container that is away from light and moisture. I store them in my cupboard.

5.) 100 percent means 100 percent. Never buy blends, you don’t know what is in there. They usually substitute cheaper beans to balance the price. Buy 100% and I prefer something that is mountain grown, less chance for mold.

6.) Clearly we have done a lot before this step, do not use tap water. You have worked too hard to ensure a great result, use filtered water.

7.) Watch the temperature, when you boil the water, let it cool for a minute or two. This will ensure that your the water is hot enough to get the most out of the beans without giving you that burnt taste. They say that the best temp is between 195 and 200 degrees, I don’t take the temp every time and prefer my easy tip.

8.) To press or not to press? I prefer a coffee press, it is the purest form. Coffee filters tend to get an odd taste after a while and when using filters, it add the bleaching chemicals to your coffee, not really a flavor I am looking for.

9.) Clean, clean and clean. Keep your press, coffee maker and everything else included in the process clean. If you don’t, you will get added flavor that you never intended for.

10.) For every 20 ounces of coffee, use 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds for strong coffee (I use 2 tablespoons because I value my ability to sleep at night.) Play with it until you find what truly works for you.




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