Holiday Table Centerpieces

I am sure you have already started to prepare side dishes, Holiday Table Centerpiecesand prepared yourself for the holiday feast! The centerpiece for the table is always my favorite part of the preparation. Here are a few of my favorites:

1.) Grab a long piece of holiday garland and wrap with small led lights and Christmas ornaments and run this from one side of the table all the way down to the other side.

2.) I love my holiday cards, they spread so much cheer and remind me that this season is about family and friends, not the gifts. Using fishing-wire(clear wire) and a hole punch, punch a small hole in each holiday card right where the crease is and tie the fishing wire to the card. Leave enough wire so you can hang the cards from your chandelier where everyone will enjoy Christmas dinner. Stagger the lengths so  it looks like the cards are floating right over the table and coming down like snow. You can do this with holiday ornaments.

3.) Grab an odd number of wine glasses, I like to use 5 and fill them with holly, cranberries, garland, lights or anything else that is festive. Turn them over so the rims are touching the table (the stem should be facing the ceiling), then place small tea lights on the base that is now facing the ceiling. This is basically a wine glass that is filled and turned upside down. It looks very nice when placed at the center of the table and then adding additional candles throughout.

4.) Using a tiered cake stand, fill each tier with candles, ornaments, holly, lights, cards, candy canes or other festive items.

he most important part is to enjoy yourself and your loved ones.


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