The Truth About Fat

Allow me to preface this by saying that I am not a doctor, researcher or an expert but I do research on my own and I have a brain that I use from time to time. This information is my opinion and if you choose to use it- awesome, and if you don’t- that’s fine too. Please don’t hold me liable for what happens to you, do the research and find out what works and implement it! You are a smart cookie-ooh, cookie sounds yummy!

Fat-free seems to be the buzz word for the past three decades. Well, my friends, fat-free translates to filled with sugar and fillers that make you fat. Yeah, you read right, the fat-free items actually make you fat and numerous studies are surfacing that prove it. Doesn’t that make you mad?

First of all, you have to understand that your brain is composed of 60% fat that insulates around the neural axons and glial cells. Your body needs fats, not only does it contain essential nutrients but your body uses fat to produce tissue and hormones. Ever notice how crazy and angry you get when you are on a low-fat diet, well that is the way your body tells you something is wrong and it is not digging what you are doing. Stop the chaos! Eat some butter! I am not saying that you need to go Paula Dean on me, but learn to eat healthy fats and eliminate the laboratory created ones. Also, it wouldn’t kill you to cut out the over processed items. Have you ever read the nutrition label from the foods you buy? Did you know that they put sugar in deli meat and bacon? Check the package before you buy it. The food industry tricks us by using different names for sugar, anything with -ose at the end should be avoided, here is the list. There are hundreds and hundreds of names for sugar, that is crazy! My personal philosophy is that if I want sugar and carbs, I am going to have the good stuff like brownies, cakes or other homemade goodies. I am not wasting my carbs on meats and other items that should not have sugar in it. That makes sense right?

Marketers, please cover your eyes and ears for this portion. I love marketers, I have a MBA focused in Marketing and have been in the field for the past eight years. I love it! One thing that I do not love, is how everyone blames the marketer for misinformation regarding diets and food. Allow me to start by saying that we(marketers) work with developers, scientists, nutritionists, product managers and other internal and external representatives who inform us what the benefits are, and we merely highlight them. We are not the subject matter experts and rely on others to educate us so we can pass it along to the consumer. The marketing hype over the past few decades is that weight loss is achieved through low-fat diets. We can blame this on the researchers, dietitians and well, some of the blame goes on the marketer too. I have been in the high-tech world for the past two years and in the beginning I didn’t know anything about our products and the first piece of literature I wrote was total fiction. The VP of Product Management had to edit the whole thing and told me that one day our product will be able to do all of the things I claimed it did- whoops. But I insisted on taking the training classes that our engineers did and eventually I was the girl at trade shows selling our products to prospects and running demos. I am not telling you this because I merely want to share this story. No, I am telling you this because it is important for the marketer to understand the product they are selling. Everyone deserves a bit of the blame that has led American to believe low-fat is good. I am now stepping off of my soap bod and returning to the topic at hand- fats.

What makes us fat? Carbs-not the veggies and fruit but the complex carbs. The ones in baked goods, sugar, chocolates and everything else that lines our grocery stores and fills our pantries. Avoid these items and embrace the fruits, veggies, natural fats(olive oil, butter and nuts) and proteins and you will see the weight melt away. This is the way we were meant to live. We were not meant to eat thiamine monoitrate and riboflavin- what the hell is that? My new rule of thumb, if I can’t identify it or pronounce it, it is not going in my belly. This all seems like common sense, right? So, give it a try! Don’t take my word on it, see for yourself.

Become educated before you change your lifestyle. Every year, thousands of new diets are introduced and they promise rapid weight loss but like millions of other Americans, you try this diet, lose a few pounds and gain it all back. Why does this happen? Because the diet is so restrictive that it isn’t possible to maintain it over your lifetime. Who really wants to be on the lemonade diet or the cabbage soup diet for the rest of their lives? I could barely stand being on the diet for duration, I couldn’t imagine implementing those eating habits for the rest of my life. This is why it is important to find something that is natural, healthy and sustainable.

I absolutely adore the Paleo diet. I have added back in diary because I personally can’t live without it. Find what works for you!

I have added a few links here for you to take a look at, this is a great way to start your fat enlightenment journey.

Why Your body Needs Some Fat to Be Healthy

The Big Fat Truth: Why Non-Fat Isn’t the Answer

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Fat”

  1. Hi Harini, I think people are too dogmatic about avoiding fat too – and thinking fat makes you fat sounds like similar logic to thinking that walnuts would be good for your brain because they look similar. Or that eating cartilage will strengthen your cartilage (one I heard while on holiday in Sicily).

    There was a really good BBC show about how fat became the culprit rather than sugar – political of course!

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post.



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