Watermelon Ice

I heard a rumor that Spring is here, but the  cold Chicago weather says otherwise. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for dresses, beaches, farmer’s markets, picnics, barbecues and watermelon! I love watermelon and one of my favorite recipes highlights this beautiful fruit. What better way to cool off and enjoy Spring than with this? I am going to enjoy my cup of Watermelon Ice in my beautiful dress and just dream of warm weather.

Watermelon IceIngredients

5-6 cups of watermelon

1/4 cup sugar (if the watermelon is really sweet, feel free to use less or even no sugar.)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon watermelon liquor (if you are making this for children, just double the lemon juice and omit liquor)


Take a large watermelon and scape the inside out and place in the blender with lemon juice, sugar and watermelon liquor and blend on high. You may have to do this in several batches to ensure your walls stay white.

Squeeze the juice through a fine sieve and place in a large shallow metal pan. You can use a glass pan but metal helps in the ice crystal forming process.

Freeze the mixture and mix with a fork every 30 minutes to form ice crystals. Continue this for 2-3 hours until the entire pan if filled with watermelon ice.

Serve in small cocktail glasses or footed ice cream glasses.


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