Basundhi AKA South Indian Milk Sweet

I love sweets, recently I have been on an Indian food kick and I am continuing it with this recipe for Basundhi (pronounced bah-sun-dhee.) It is a sweetened milk dish where the curds are “harvested” and then combined back into the dish when the remaining milk has condensed and caramelized.I know it sounds a bit odd but it is really good!

This is a lovely slow cooker recipe that days you ta day and a half to make. I know it seems like a huge commitment but it is well worth it.

Indian sweets are primarily made on the stovetop because back in the day, ovens were not very prevalent. Also, with tropical temperature who really wants to stand in a kitchen with the oven going? I remember when I was a small girl, we would get gas deliveries every week and these huge barrels would be brought into the house and set up in the kitchen. Small portable stoves were hooked to them and you had to preorder what you thought you needed. Aah, the luxuries of the modern world are better appreciated when we get a glimpse into the past.

BasundhiThis dessert has a hint of sweetness and the sheets of curd add a nice creaminess.

Quart of whole milk

½ cup sugar

2 tablespoons brown

6 cardamom pods

Pistachios for garnish

Set the slow cooker to low and pour the milk in and allow it to cook overnight until curds form on the top. Remove the curd and place in a large airtight container and store in the fridge. Stir the mixture to ensure it does not burn on the sides or bottom. Continue this process as more curds form and allow the slow cooker to stay on until the milk has condensed to quarter of its original size.

onçe the mixture has reduced (12-16hrs later) add the sugar and cardamom, and allow it to condense further and then incorporate the curds back into the mixture and combine together.

Allow the mixture to cool, refrigerate for 4 hours and serve with chopped pistachios.


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