Dosai and Idly Batter- South Indian Style

As a South Indian, Idly and Dosai are dishes that I grew up with and enjoy. My mom would make this for me all of the time and bring back memories of my childhood. These two dishes are both made from the same dough but we use different cooking methods: Idly is steamed and looks like little rice pillows and Dosai resembles crispy crapes and are cooked on the stovetop.

I love dipping the Idly (rice pillows) in spicy chutneys or chopping them up and adding them to stews. The Dosais (thin, crispy crapes) are amazing because you can fill them with just about anything. I love cooking up spicy vegetables, chicken or my favorite- masala potatoes.

Make this batter overnight and I will share my recipes for making Idly, Dosai and masala potatoes over the next week.

Dosai and Idly Batter


3 cups parboiled rice (or also known as Idli rice) sold in Asian specialty stores soaked overnight

1 cup urud dhal, soaked overnight (separate from the rice)

1 Cup water and additional water as needed

2 tablespoon salt


Grind the rice in a blender and add small amounts of water until it is the consistency of tomato sauce.

Grind the urud dhal separately with the remaining water and keep in mind that you still want the consistency to be similar to tomato sauce.

Mix the two batters together and add 2 tablespoon salt and store in an airtight container leaving room for the fermentation process. The batter will increase in size by 20-30 percent. Leave overnight in a dry and cool spot on your counter, keep in mind that sometimes it takes a full 24 hrs to rise due to the humidity and temperature.

This batter can be stored in your refrigerator in the coldest part (lower) for a maximum of  weeks.


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