Food has always played a huge role in my life. I remember when I was a little girl- maybe 3 years old- and my mother putting me on her counter in India and letting me stir the pot of delicious payasum(milk sweet served during religious observations.) I had never felt so close to my mother than those precious moments where she was sharing her wisdom and made me feel important and loved.

Food has a special meaning to all of us; we celebrate milestones with it, use it as a blanket to comfort ourselves in hard times and even show others how much we care about them by cooking. I am no different.

The international sign for delicious is an empty plate. We have all been there… your sitting in a restaurant and devour something amazing and find yourself wishing that you were home so you could lick the plate clean. I hope I am not the only one who loves food this much! This is my goal and hope for this blog, that I share my recipes and you devour them, look down at your empty plate and say to yourself that it was an amazing meal.


Unfortunately my food journey led to me being overweight and unhappy. I refused to live that way and so, I turned to my constant companion, food, to help me fix myself.

Many can attest to my ability to eat. I have single handedly put away an entire large deep dish pizza and a carton of ice cream. I refused to give up the quality and quantity of food that I eat and so my journey for an answer began. I have tried everything under the sun from Atkins, Nutri System, the lemonade diet, the cabbage diet, the starvation diet and found them all lacking. I decided to follow my own path and put together a program and lifestyle that I would happily follow.

For me, a low-carb Paleo lifestyle is the way to go. It allows me to eat as much as I want and indulge without the weight or guilt. I share many of my full-carb recipes because my friends would kill me if I fed them what I eat. And, carbs are pretty delicious. I just find that my body can’t handle them and I fine with that.

May your plate always end up empty and your belly full.



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